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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ contains two parts:
D-1 thru D-11: Questions from Donors
U-1 thru U-31: Questions from Nonprofit Participants

Part 1

Questions from Donors
(D-1 thru D-11)

You may list your items here:

Your offer to donate will be posted with 24 hours here:

If you have something any of our participating nonprofit organizations want or need, you will receive a confidential mailing initiated specifically from them through our system.

Your identity will always remain confidential, and the email you receive through us will reveal all necessary contact information about our participant.

Depending on what you have to offer, you may receive several requests for your offering, or none at all. You may respond to any nonprofit requestee at your own discretion. Who you choose to give is completely up to you, and your identity is not revealed until you initiate return contact.

You may offer to donate anything you feel would be useful to a growing nonprofit, only please describe your offering accurately and truthfully.

List anything reusable you would like liquidate or remove from storage, including obsolete computers, educational and office supplies, equipment and furnishings.

Some organizations will collect used cellphones, printer cartridges, and other redeemable items. Certain items are in very high demand, such as laptops, digital cameras, projectors, and USB storage devices. We serve a variety of nonprofits who often have a multitude of needs.

If your offering is scrap and salvage, please check the appropriate box on the form.

Recycles.Org is a network of individual, independent, and unaffiliated nonprofit organizations participating in our service through this website.

We are a "virtual exchange network", comprised of hundreds of participating nonprofit organizations with branch locations throughout the world.

When you offer to donate equipment, if what you have to offer is useful to any one of our participants, you will be contacted by them through our service.

Upon receiving each request, you are supplied with complete location and contact information for the participating organization so you may investigate further and make a sound giving decision.

Your equipment offering is presented to our participants in a structured and confidential manner, making the process of giving easy, convenient, and secure.

You may respond to any request of your choosing, and who you choose to give is completely up to you. You remain anonymous, until you initiate return contact.

Each nonprofit organization contacting you will list their organizational goals and objectives. You are provided with complete contact information, including their email, website address, and phone number each time a request is made. If you decide to give to a particular group, strike up an email dialog with them, and ask directly about your concerns. Our objective is to allow you to make an informed giving decision in stress free and confidential environment.

Yes. Requests will be forwarded to you from participating organizations through our service. You may ignore or respond to any request at your own discretion. Your identity and contact information will never be revealed by us to anyone, and will remain confidential. To stop receiving requests, simply cancel your offering at anytime. A link to cancel your offering is included within each email you receive, and your cancellation order is effective immediately.

Immediately upon submitting your offer, you are allow an opportunity to review your information and make changes. Once you confirm your information, your offering is queued for direct delivery to each of our participants. Once your offer is delivered, changes are impossible, as your offer details have already been sent out. You must therefore cancel your original offer, and submit your offer again.

We make the process of canceling your offer simple and immediate. There is a direct link to cancel your offer on every email we send to you. Upon cancelling any offer, all related requests immediately cease.

With certain exceptions, nonprofits are instructed not to place a value on donated goods. The donor is responsible for setting the value of gifts, which may be based on fair market value. Businesses may have already expensed items and will therefore have no deduction beside shipping costs. Contact your tax professional for specific details related to your particular situation.

You must make arrangements with the nonprofit group with whom you choose to donate, or do the job yourself. Sensitive data should never leave your hands without legal assurance of destruction.

To do the job yourself, you will find several free software downloads listed in this Google Directory which will guide you through the process:

We are a nonprofit exchange network, and therefore provide no more than a service to link prospective donors together with willing nonprofit recipients.

The EPA does not have a list of officially approved methods for electronic recyclers. The EPA does issue a set of voluntary Guidelines for Material Management under their Plug-In to eCycling Program.

Further information from the EPA can be found here:

First, please consider this information:

Next, consider using the search tool which can be found at the link above, or on their website:

Finally, try a basic Google search using these keywords: "computer recycling your-zip-code"

Your search results should bring up a local map with a list of nearby recycling businesses who may be able to help.

Part 2

Questions from Nonprofit Participants
(U-1 thru U-31)

Browse the website and read our complete FAQ. Select and click on the word "Apply" in any menu, and complete the simple application process. The likelihood of your application being approved is greatly enhanced when you take the necessary time to read and understand this FAQ before submitting your application.

Contact us immediately with your full name, organization name, email, city, state, zip code, and approximate date you began using our service, and we will reply back to you quickly.

Immediately upon submitting your application, you are sent an email confirmation informing you that your application had been received. Carefully read the instructions within this email and act accordingly.

When you respond to this email, you give us the go ahead that our email exchanges are working. Only when we receive your reply will we then proceed to verify your information to complete the approval process.

If you do not hear from us within a few days of your reply, please contact us.

When you complete and submit any form at, a confirmation email is immediately sent directly to the email address that you included within the form.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, it may have been for two simple reasons. First, you may have not entered your email address correctly on the form. We insist that you review and verify all information on all forms before you click a submit button.

Secondly, your email spam filter may have determined our auto-generated verification email to be spam. Check your spam mailbox to see if there is a recent email from At this point, it would be a good idea to set your spam filter settings to allow email from to be delivered directly to your inbox.

A webpage is required. Moderators who screen applications must verify that your organization exists, and although viewing your webpage is a simple verification process, it does give us a permanent snapshot of public information to which we can begin to follow-up.

For those without a dedicated web domain, even a free, public access blog is adequate, but your mission must not be vague, and your page must reveal specific contact and location information, as well as mention your name. Certain exceptions apply for those with administrative or parent organizations.

We recommend Google as a free, simple, and easy to use option for creating your first webpage. Learn more here:

In the final analysis, if you are unable to create a free web page, please contact us directly for individualized instruction so we may help you.

Yes, it is free to join the network, yet for those who glean equipment from our service for the long term, we ask that you help with our operating expenses.

A suggested minimum donation would be twenty dollars for three months of service, depending on how well the service works for you.

Another simple rule for giving is this: If you benefit from our work, please give back in return so that we may meet our own expense obligations. Your giving is voluntary, and payments are accepted on an honor system. Your gift to Recycles.Org is not tax-deductible, yet necessary for our continued growth and development.

Beyond voluntary giving, we request that you provide a reciprocal link from your website to ours. places a direct link from our website to your website through our directory here:

Nonprofit groups who participate in our service may or may not freely distribute the equipment they receive. We are not involved with issues outside of bringing donors and nonprofit groups together. If you are an individual needing assistance, and wish to use this service, read our complete FAQ, or contact a nonprofit computer refurbishing advocate in your community and tell them about us.

Nonprofit computer refurbishing advocates can be found in many places within your community, such as schools, churches, government agencies, social service groups, environmental groups, and through student or retired charitably minded technicians.

Certain exceptions apply to this rule. We have prepared this article for you with several more ideas on how you can acquire free or low cost computers in your locality. Visit: is designed so that you have no Password or Login name, and only a User ID number. When we approve the information on your application for your use of our service, a unique User ID number is assigned to the specific information you provided. This User ID number is your key to entry into our system.

Using this assigned ID number, you may enter an area on our menu called "Member Account Adminstration". Here you may view and verify your present account information, change your email subscription settings, and appeal for additional request credits.

A successful request is based upon applying for and acquiring a valid User ID number. Once you have obtained uour User ID number, you may proceed with making requests.

A listing of our most recent donation offerings is posted here:

This list is updated daily.

When you identify a potential donor whom you would like to contact, click "Request Above Equipment".

If you have not already entered your User ID number, you will be provided with a place to do so. Enter your User ID number if asked, and submit.

After your ID number has been entered, you will be directed to our request page, where the details of this individual offering are listed along with your account information.

Review the request information, verify your account information, and click the final submit button. Our service is designed so that submitting your request is literally two mouse clicks away from your email inbox.

When you make a successful request, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, check your spam box. If after 24 hours there is no trace of a confirmation email, contact us immediately.

The offerer of the equipment you requested will likewise receive an email. He or she may have received several requests for this same equipment. The offerer receives your complete contact information, and retains full discretion as to whether or not they will contact you, or any other particular requestee in return.

If you receive no response from an offerer, possibly they have selected another organization which to give, and they have yet to cancel their offer listing. Request credits are free for the asking for those who have never been helped, and the request process is simple and easy, so feel free to make as many requests as necessary to fulfill your needs.

A limit is set on the number of free requests available when your application is initially approved. This limit is set with consideration to all other users and to prevent abuse.

Supporting tax-exempt IRS nonprofit participants are allowed priority treatment since they are into both, the business of helping others, and helping us to fund this service. Those who donate 20 USD quarterly receive unlimited request credits.

Newly approved, non-yet-supporting, IRS tax-exempt nonprofit participants receive four free requests intially, and as they open a dialog with us telling us honestly about their experiences with using our service, they can continue to earn additional free credits.

In other words, non-supporting participants wishing to acquire additional credits must openly discuss with us their experiences while using our service. Once we have helped you, and if you wish to continue to use our service for the long term, we expect you to help us help others in return.

For those we have yet to help, it is important for us to know how you are doing, and why our system may not be working for you. Often, a few simple changes in strategy can produce great results, and we want to see you succeed.

If a non-supporting participant does not open a dialog with us about their experiences, or if the participant does not remit a token contribution, when they use up their credits, their account will become inactive. To re-activate your account, simply visit the "Member Account Adminstration" area, and open a dialog with us through the "Credits" link.

This simple process of direct, open communication with each of our non-profit participants allows us to fine-tune our exchange process, allowing everyone to have better a more positive and fruitful experience.

Direct communication opens an avenue for us to provide more personalized service, and offer timely advice to participants on how to leverage their efforts for high returns.

For qualified technicians who intend to focus on requesting older equipment for building a parts inventory, ask about our special program where you can receive unlimited free request credits over an introductory period.

As one might expect, everyone wants a laptop or two, yet good, used, free laptops are very rare indeed. The law of supply and demand dictates that your chances of acquiring printers, monitors, desktops, servers, networking equipment, copy machines, and other valuable used office equipment is much greater than acquiring laptops.

For those who wish to use our service only to see if they can latch onto a nice, free, fast, late model laptop, your chances of success might be better with winning the lottery, or developing a modest fund-raising campaign to buy one outright.

No, we will not. Please don't waste your time or our time.

Today, websites are free and easy for anyone to make. The information on your website is a reflection of how you operate your organization.

A website is your electronic calling card. Many of our donors want to know about your organization before they make contact with you. Please take time to do whatever is necessary to fix or complete your web site before submitting your application to us.

Your webpage is also a permanent record of public information to which anyone can follow-up, and it is vital to our verification process. If you are unable to repair or complete your web page, please contact us directly for individualized instruction.

Obviously, when you make a request, you do so in competition with all other organizations who have done the same. Your close proximity to the offerer makes matters of delivering the equipment to you easier, so you will have more success with those equipment offerings located nearest to you.

How well you present information about your project on your web site and upon our application form is a key factor to consider when someone must decide whether or not they wish to contact you or support your cause over another.

Are your goals and objectives clearly stated? Have you written clear and concise sentences without errors?

Your website is your electronic calling card. How well does your website reflect upon you and your organization? What kind of feedback have friends, associates, and supporters given you about your website?

Do you have a "Flash" only website? You should realize many web users will be able to view your website. To learn more about why Flash websites are not a good idea, visit:

Finally, we need to consider "computer donation offerings" as a perishable commodity. A perishable commodity is something that has a limited life span.

For example, when someone offers equipment, they typically want to move that equipment out of their house or office quickly. Therefore, your chances of receiving the best equipment is greatly increased when you are subscribed to our daily email list. Whenever you notice a suitable offering, make your request immediately, before all others, and while the offering is still fresh.

As a member, when you are subscribed to our daily email list, a notice is delivered directly to your mailbox each morning which lists every new offering posted on our site. Submitting your request is literally two mouse clicks away from your email inbox.

Members may use their User ID number to subscribe to our daily email notifications list here:

Many who offer equipment through our service are small to medium size businesses. These firms often have equipment available on a regular basis. Anyone who offers equipment through our service can easily cancel or delete their offering instantly, anytime they receive a request.

For whatever reason, this offering has not been canceled. It takes very little effort and it does not hurt anyone for you to make a simple request for equipment through our service.

At the very least, you may be reminding the offerer to cancel their offering, and with a little luck, the offerer may contact you about some other equipment which has recently come available.

If you use up all your free request credits, simply tell us about your experiences while using our service, and we will issue additional credits so you may continue.

When issuing additional credits, we take into consideration the fact that you had been helping out through requesting our dated offerings.

If you support our work with a cash contribution, we will generously extend you ample credits automatically, so it is unlikely you will ever run out. The fact is, we must encourage you to support us financially, because we depend on your contributions for our growth and development.

An equipment offering will continue to be listed on our pages until the offerer cancels the offering, or until the offering expires. Each time an offerer receives a request through us, it is a simple process for them to cancel their offering.

Of course, some who offer equipment may neglect to cancel their offering in a timely manner, so your best chances of receiving any offering will always be when the offering is fresh, or newly listed. To be informed of new listings promptly, it is best for you to be subscribed to our daily email list here:

Here is a secret tip that may help you. Recent offers are listed here:

Please take note of a sequence of characters at the lower left hand corner of each offering. For example, you will see a sequence that may appear similar to this:

DN2468135 0 1 P 29
or this
DN2468135 2 1 C 4

This coded sequence can be interpreted as follows:

The first column represents the donation ID number and can be ignored. The second column represents the total number of requests made for this offering, and the third column represents the total number of days this offering has been listed with us.

The fourth column indicates whether this offering will be Canceled (C) or made Public (P) after the number of days listed in the fifth column. If the fifth column is a negative number, then the offering is currently available to the public.

For those issuing a tax receipt, it is important to note the working condition of the equipment, as the value of working equipment may be decidedly better than items requiring a qualified technician or recycling.

When you make a request for equipment, and your request has been accepted, you alone are responsible for openly discussing the condition of equipment you intend to receive. You should have this discussion with the offerer of the equipment prior to issuing your receipt or making arrangements for pickup or shipping.

We make every effort for our potential donors to understand the process of responsible giving.

If an offerer of equipment does not contact you directly and tell you why they have not chosen to give you their equipment, then you can only assume someone else has received the equipment and the offerer has not yet canceled their offering.

We are not in contact with the offerer, rather we simply forward your request directly to them. The offerer has full discretion whether to contact you or not. Many times, several others have requested the same equipment, or the offerer had decided to give the equipment away locally. The offerer has no obligation to contact those who made a request and to whom they did not give their gift.

To increase your chances of receiving a response from those who offer equipment, please read this entire FAQ and follow the suggestions we offer for improving your results.

It is impossible for us to count only those requests where you receive equipment. This exchange network works anonymously, and our success is based on trust and honesty of everyone involved.

We never know for certain what you have received unless the offerer tells us when they cancel their offering. We are not in contact with the offerer, rather we simply forward your request directly to them. The offerer has no obligation to contact us, or to tell anyone to whom they gave their gift, and rightly so. When you ask us for more credits, it is up to you to be honest with all of us and tell us what you have received.

As a convenience to you, each time you make a request, you are informed of your remaining credits, so you have plenty of time to ask for more credits in advance of running out. Our goal is to make this exchange process as simple and easy as possible for everyone involved. Once approved, there is no need for login names or passwords. Any request you make for equipment is only two clicks away from your email box, and request credits are free for the asking when you follow appropriate procedures.

Our website is designed specifically to serve the needs of the non-profit participant. In certain cases, we may be able to help you, but it is very important that you first read these instructions:

Once you have read these instructions and understand the information in this FAQ, if you have additional questions, please contact us directly:

Past experience has proven clearly that in being outside the USA, our exchange network is of little value to those without a tax-exempt receiving agent residing within the USA.

Most all our donors are US citizens, and as such are required to pay income taxes to the US-IRS (United States Internal Revenue Service).

When a donor offering equipment "REQUIRES an IRS Receipt", they require a receipt from a US-IRS tax-exempt organization.

Therefore, only IRS tax-exempt nonprofit organizations may request equipment requiring a tax-exempt receipt.

Secondly, overseas shipping costs most always exceed the market value of older equipment offered. Further complications arise with local pickup, pre-shipment testing, packaging, and delivery of the equipment overseas. Finally, complications arise with administrative corruption, theft, and troublesome customs agents.

Due to the high cost and risk involved, we find it necessary for our participants to have an authorized agent residing within the United States. This agent should be IRS tax-exempt, and fully ready, willing, and able to responsibly receive, test, package, and transport any equipment requested. Such restrictions are a necessary courtesy to those offering equipment through us.

Computer Aid International does provide high quality, professionally refurbished computers for reuse in developing nations. They have shipped tons of equipment to good causes overseas and into over one hundred nations. They are the largest and most experienced provider of their kind in the world. Please visit:

Public offerings are primarily directed toward scrap and salvage dealers, liquidators, recyclers, parts warehouses, but are open to everyone.

For example, when someone offers equipment through our service, sometimes the equipment is un-useable or not in demand, and therefore no requests are submitted.

Those who offer equipment have the option to allow not only our non-profit participants to request their offering, but anyone who can use it.

For-profit enterprise and private individuals may apply for an account with us to make direct requests from this exclusive list.

Such equipment can be old, obsolete, broken, not working, bulky, or in need of repair. Our public offerings are listed here:

Each person who has offered to donate equipment has selected "YES" or "NO" to the following question and statement:

"Are you WILLING to package and ship your gift? If you check YES, you will consider shipping this gift with expenses to be negotiated between you and your intended recipient."

Therefore, you may NOT request an item that requires shipping unless a willingness to ship is indicated.

Our instructions are clear. If you violate this rule once, you will be warned. On your third violation, you will be banned from using our service permanently without notice.

Our service is designed to work in the best interests of all parties involved. We have great concern for any annoyances our prospective donors may endure.

If a donor from an Eastern state tells us they are UNWILLING to package and ship their gift, and then one of our nonprofit participants from a Western state requests their offering, then evidently something is amiss.

Therefore, if your group intends to make requests to far off locations from prospective donors who are UNWILLING to ship, we need to know IN ADVANCE exactly which cities where you have established contacts who are ready and willing to pickup requested donation offerings on your behalf.

We will list these specific locations in your profile for each prospective donor to see so no confusion will arise.

When a donor commits to giving to a group, and when that group does not follow through with pickup for whatever reason, that is an affront to their generosity, a bother, and an inconvenience.

It makes your group look bad, and it makes our non-profit exchange service look bad. Your associates, wherever they may be, must be ready and willing to follow through for you in a timely and proficient manner.

If a donor is indeed WILLING to ship their equipment to you, then the shipping particulars can be negotiated between the two of you. Possibly they may want UPS or FedEx to come pick the equipment up, package it, and handle everything, at your cost. At the other extreme, they may want the same, but they would be willing to pay. Typically, you will agree upon an arrangement that is convenient for both of you.

In the final analysis, a relationship of mutual trust, assistance, and understanding between you and the donor must be established. Telephone contact may be your best approach. Discuss the matter openly and completely, and when using the telephone, immediately follow up your verbal agreement in writing through email so that there are no misunderstandings afterwards.

Mention us in your local newspaper, newsletter, bulletin board, Internet discussion group, chat community, blog, podcast, or on your website. In due time you will notice an increase of donation offers from your area and beyond. If you would like us to contact any of your local media sources and tell them about our exchange network, simply let us know.

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or any professional organization to which you may belong both on and off-line are all suitable venues. Please join our Facebook network and invite your friends here:

With regard to fraud, our donors will rarely complain about our nonprofit participants, but on occasion, it will be brought to our attention that a requesting participant did not follow through with their promise to provide a tax receipt, or to remit payment for costs involved in an agreed upon shipment.

When the integrity of one of our participants is called into question by a donor, their account is immediately suspended until all the particulars of the complaint are worked out to the full satisfaction of everyone involved.

If a participant is determined to have been fraudulent or grossly negligent, if necessary, we will proceed with filing a report of our findings with their local Sheriff, and/or any and all local and national Consumer Protection Agencies, along with all applicable regulatory agencies for further investigation.

With regard to professionalism, experience has shown that those representatives of organizations who do not have the discipline or ability to compose a simple business email correspondence using proper salutation, capitalization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, have proven over time to be the most unreliable.

Therefore, if you are a representative of a cause or an organization, and if you do not present yourself in a professional and business like manner to us or our prospective donors, it is unlikely we will allow you to use or continue to use our service.

As a professional representative of your cause or organization, in absolutely all of your written communication with us and with our prospective donors, it is necessary that you take adequate time to proof-read your correspondence for proper capitalization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

To obtain our logo for your webpage, simply go to any webpage, right click on the logo, and save the image to your disk. In addition, we have made more detailed promotional items available to you for your website, along with coding instructions here:

We will gladly customize a logo to fit in perfectly with your own promotional material or web design. Please write to us directly explaining your needs.

Yes, you may submit our URL, and descriptive information on other suitable web pages, in forums, and to search engines. You may use the descriptive text below, personalizing it a bit to your tastes.

The website provides a convenient, secure, and easy to use means of exchange for donors and nonprofit recipients. The Nonprofit Recycling Network is focused on the productive transfer and reuse of office and school equipment. They assist teachers, technicians, schools, churches, and community leaders who are interested in reusing office and school technology. They make it easy to keep good, used technology out of the waste stream while putting it back into service where it helps most.

We greatly appreciate your support, as it is necessary for our short term survival, as well as our continued long term growth and development. Paypal is our prefered means for accepting a contribution. Click on any PayPal icon anywhere within our website, and visit our support page for more information: