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Summary of Features

  • We provide a simple, secure and convenient means of exchange for donors and nonprofit recipients.
  • We're focused on the productive transfer and reuse of school, office, home and hospital equipment.
  • We make it easy to keep usable materials out of the waste stream and back into productivity to serve a cause you support.
  • We represent a diverse network of nonprofit professionals serving causes around the world who need your unused inventory.
  • We're here for schools, churches, science, health, learning and activity centers, teachers, counselors, technicians, community leaders and organizers who hold interests in reusing school, office and laboratory technology.
  • No login or password is required while you selectively choose among participating nonprofits.
  • You always remain anonymous until you initiate contact with a pre-screened participant of your choice.

What we do for you

  • We provide a niche exchange process that is proven effective for small dedicated non-profit leaders, small business and private donors.
  • Offers and requests are monitored and nonprofit participants are screened while we consider options for pick-up, shipping, and tax-exempt status.
  • We serve as an asset to isolated communities and groups within or near large metropolitan areas.
  • We assist you with building bridges toward philanthropy while providing advice about recycling and reuse for a cause.

Your responsibility

  • You are obligated to make arrangements for giving while we assist with enabling a smooth professional networking experience.
  • We monitor for network abuse and remove users while you are responsible for making connections and officiating transactions.
  • Nonprofit participants are screened and believed to be law-abiding, while it is ultimately your responsibility to determine the full extent of their legitimacy as a candidate for your gift.
  • Report all suspicious activity to us and consult with licensed professionals before making important tax or business decisions.

Offer to donate anything useful

  • Offer anything you feel a growing nonprofit organization may need.
  • Your offer remains "an offer to donate" while you remain anonymous.
  • After you initiate a reply to a nonprofit participant only then is your identity revealed.
  • We offer the convenience of anonymously browsing through pre-screened applicants who have made a direct request for your gift.
  • You are never obligated to act upon any request received for any offer you make.
  • Our service is free yet we appreciate your continued support through the sponsored advertisers.

Our future together is promising

  • Our website is presently in "beta-testing" mode as we transition toward becoming mobile enhanced.
  • We appreciate your patience and willingness to contact us to report any errors you may encounter.
  • Offer to donate anything or apply to make requests if you would like to receive periodic updates of our progress.
  • For a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the exchange process be sure to read our FAQ.